Early Game play

First thing you should do always is to capture the power right next to your command center (preferably a nuclear plant). It is usually the first income source. After that you have two options.

Option A: Make a barracks, this will allow you to grow militarily, and may be able to bring your little kingdom power that no one can compete with.(not recommended)


Option B: Build another nuclear Plant or a Power plant, this way you would have a lot more economic standing in the game. Allowing you to hopefully do better later in the game, as money powers everything . (highly recommended)

Between Early/Mid Game play (if someone can give me the name of this stage please do so.)

Option A: After making the barracks, capture the nodes nearby and reinforce them with troops should the opponents are aggressive. Then, after establishing a good enough economy to start building up an army that will be able to hold off the others and then destroy them.


Option B: After capturing the surrounding nodes and establishing an economy, make a tank factory or airport and build up an army, hold off the others if their attacking and then destroy your opponents.


You can make a research center to research Juggernauts then, make a fort to make them. (juggernauts are tougher than heavy soldiers but take up 2 housing spaces)

Late game

If you have made it this far into the game then you are skilled enough to do this.

Option A: sell your airport and replace it with a space link and start making space fighters.(note: motherships are expensive and are basically movable space links but are not recommended to be made)

Option B: Build a research center and research nukes help and aid you in destroying huge armies or obliterating bases