RobloxScreenShot04272013 222014205

A Red Nuclear Silo with an ICBM Missile on it, ready to be launched.

RobloxScreenShot04272013 221605866

A Red Nuclear Silo.

The Nuclear Silo is a building that can be built in The Conquerors.


The Nuclear Silo costs $675 to build, making it the most expensive building in the game, exceeding the cost of a Headquarters by $175. The Nuclear Silo cannot be built within the first 60 minutes of the game, and requires the builder to have at least two Nuclear Plants, and the player cannot have more than one Nuclear Silo. The Nuclear Silo takes a very long time to build, also being the building that takes the longest time to build.


The Nuclear Silo is the only way you can use an ICBM Missile (often known as a "nuke") To create an ICBM Missile, select it from the Create Units tab and click on the Nuclear Silo. The ICBM Missile costs $325 to create. When the missile is built, it will appear on the silo. To launch the missile, make sure the ICBM is the first unit that's selected in your Ctrl. Units tab, click the Int. tab, and press the h key. Then walk to the place you want to launch the missile to and click on the ground there. You can only aim on the ground, not directly on a building. The missile will take longer to detonate the farther away the target is. Once the missile is launched, there is a short cooldown before another ICBM can be built and launched.

The ICBM will do damage to all units and buildings around it, unless they are the same color. The ICBM will
RobloxScreenShot04272013 222706240

An ICBM explosion.

destroy every unit it hits, with the exception of those in a Jeep or Humvee, Juggernauts, and Artillery, and do a decent amount of damage to buildings it hits. Most buildings can take multiple nukes before breaking, with the exception of turrets, will usually break after one direct hit from a nuke.

For more on how to protect from nukes, see:


Radiation Center


Command Center

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