A yellow Barracks.

The Barracks is a building that can be built in The Conquerers. It can spawn a variety of foot soldiers with different professions.


The Barracks cost $150 to build and can spawn many kind of troops. With the $300 that is recieved at the beginning, Barracks are immediately available to the player as soon as a round starts. There are no additional requirements other than the basic ones of having a building near where the barracks are to be built.


The Barracks can be used to create a variety of different footsoldiers. These soldiers are mostly gun-wielding troops, such as the Sniper and Heavy soldier, but there are a few passive soldiers such as the Repairman and the Medic.

Soldier Prices and Names
Soldier Price
Light Soldier $10
Heavy Soldier $20
Repairman $25
Construction Soldier $25
Sniper $50
Medic $125

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